Jerusalem , City of a hundred names and a thousand faces , holy to Judaism , Christianity and Islam
 is undoubtedly the, Jewel in the crown that is Israel
Abraham's near sacrifice of Isaac on Mt. Moriah,
David's establishment of the small Jebusite town as his capital and Solomon's
construction of the Temple enshrined Jerusalem in the hearts of Jews.
Throughout the nineteen centuries since the destuction of the temple and the exile.
Jews the world over pray in the direction of Jerusalem .
Christians connect Jerusalem with the last years in the life of Jesus 
Here he  was arrested , crucified and resurrected
Moslems associate, Jerusalem with El Aksa , the point from which Mohammed ascended to the Seventh Heaven

What must be seen in Jerusalem.
Church of the Holy Sepulcher
Western Wall
Western Wall Tunnels
Mount Zion
King Davids Tomb
Room of the Last Sypper
City of David
Burnt HouseRoman Square
Mount of Olives
Charch of All Nations the Agony
Tomb of Mary
Yad Vashem
Zedekiahs Cave