The City of Nazareth is located in a valley in southern Galilee. It was here that Joseph and his wife Mary.

Lived and Jesus spent his childhood . In the first centurirs A.D.
Nazareth was populated only by Jews , but with the strengthening
of the Roman Empire, the number of Christians living there grew.
From the fourth century onwareds, churches were built on the
sites which were connected with Jesus and the Virgin Mary.
Today the population of Nazareth is a mixture of Chrisitans.
Jews ,and Moslems. The Chrisitans belong to various
denominations : Roman Catholuc , Orthodox , Greek Catholuc,
Maronite , Anglican , Copt , Armenian , Baptist , and other
Protestant sects.
There are many churches , monasteries , convents , hostels ,
Hospitals and schools , maintained by the various denominations
Every view of Nazareth is dominated by the Basilica of the Annuciation .
The present Basilica which was designed by the Italian architect
Prof. Giovanni Muzio , was copleted in 1969. It is the fifth church
built on the spot where the Angel Gabril stood when he prophesied
to the Virgin Mary that she would conceive a child. Remains of the first
church were discovered during excavations which were started
on the site in 1955 . The seccond church was built durung the
Byzantne period ; the third at the beginnung of the 12th century and
the fourth was copleted in 1877 .


Mary s Well

Spring water is carrid by an aquedct to Mary s well , close to St. Gabriel Church .
Today as in biblicl time the water is drawn in clayjars from the ornamental fountain,
and carried away by donkeys.

David Roberts' drawing of Mary s Well dated April 21, 1839. Published in George Croly, The Holy Land: Syria Idumea, Arabia, Egypt & Nubia 
London: F.G. Moon, 1842-1849 , v. 1, p. 28. U.S. Library of Congress

 Ancient Bath House

(Cactus in Nazareth) discovered the remains of a beautiful 
Preserved bathhouse dating back to the time of Christ

village of Nazareth

The village of Nazareth grew up in the vicinity of the water source, and tradition has now identified the town well with its most famous female resident. Near here the Greek Orthodox built the Church of St. Gabriel over the remains of an ancient chapel.The Church Of St. Gabriel.

Church of St. Gabriel

Close to Mary's well is the church of St. Gabriel .Built by the Crusaders in the 12 th centry .
The Greek Orthodox community built the present church.and the 

In the heart of Nazareth, beside the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Gabriel, next to Mary’s Well, lies the Ancient Bath House