​​“The astonishing Negev Desert”

One may think about the desert as an empty, very hot and boring place. But it’s only when you go and experience it for yourself that you realize how fascinating it is!

The Negev holds various archaeological sites, ruins from ancient cities, still vibrating with their history. And they are not worthy only because of their historical relevance. The old ruins give a special touch to the desert astonishing landscape. It’s a great experience! For those with a vivid imagination, these places invite to a mind trip on how those ancient civilizations used to live in that desert area and how much technology the harsh natural conditions led them to develop.

If you’re not a history fan, it’s not a problem. Most of the archaeological sites are located in mountains. This was a means of protection against attacks in the old days and in the current times it provides good hiking opportunities to adventurers. But that’s not all. If it’s hiking you’re looking for, there is a great place to go in the Negev. In Ein Avdat national park one goes from the bottom of a canyon up to the top, in a great trail with a gorgeous view! The shorter way takes up to 45 minutes and it’s really worth the hiking and the pictures!

Another feature that really adds up to one’s experience is the tour through Israeli contemporary history. Ben Gurion’s – a national hero in Israel – resting and dwelling place are located in that area. One can learn not only about this great historical figure in those places, but also gain an appreciation for the desert, which was his favorite place. The love and respect with which he used to speak about the desert is displayed along the path that leads to his old home. Right in front of his tomb, one’s breath is taken away at the edge of a huge crater. An amazing view!

And when you think you have seen everything there was to be seen, you’re introduced to the world’s largest crater in Mitzpe Ramon. It’s a mighty sign of the power of nature. The crater’s end gets lost in the horizon, so big it is! And we can get really close (not too close though!) to the edge, which provides great pictures and an indescribable wonderment feeling! Then we go further in this experience and go down to the bottom. The natural beauties are just a must-see! Multicolored stones and layers of soil make up a natural painting in the landscape to the visitor’s delight. And the place described as “The Carpentry” gives more signs of nature’s perfection. But you have to visit the place and figure out yourself why it’s called “The Carpentry”.

To add up to the whole desert experience, an overnight in a Bedouin tent and dinner in Bedouin style. The food is great and the experience unique. At night, one can walk around the Bedouin camp area and gaze at the stars, many of which one cannot see any longer in urban areas. And the nature gave us still one more gift: a gorgeous waxing moon set before bed time. Of course, no Bedouin experience could lack a camel ride, which is quite a worthwhile experience. Getting up and down the camel is quite an unique experience.

A two-day trip is just a great way of starting to explore this fascinating place. But if you decide to stay longer, you will not lack what to do!

Bring you camera, walking shoes and lots of water. It’s recommended that you carry a bottle with you all the time.  This is one of the many reasons why counting on professional tour guides can be worthy. They know really know the place and can help you maximizing your exploration time. Snacks for when you’re walking can also be a good idea. Don’t forget to bring a hat and sun protection. And if you’re planning to overnight in a Bedouin tent as well, bring layered clothes and a blanket. It gets pretty cold in the desert at night.

Possibility of on this trip, a private tour or a group up to 200 guests